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Travel kit

Airbus unveils prototype “smart” bag

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Automated airport and airline baggage systems to connect bag with passenger’s specific flight itinerary.

Hollis F2

New Equipment |  
Travelling divers should have a look at this pair of fins. Not only is the F2 lightweight, it uses a shorter blade that packs easily as well.

T9 - Roller Backpack

New Equipment |  
The T9 Roller Backpack from Aqualung only weighs in at 3.5 kg and meets most airlines size requirements from checked luggage.

Buddy Travelwing Sub Three Zero

New Equipment |  
The Buddy Travelwing utilises the same unique lightweight materials and technology sourced to produce the popular Commando Escape travel BCD

Compact from Keldan - Luna 4 V

New Equipment |  
As with so many other fancy top-end brands Keldan's coveted dive lamps always seemed somewhat out of financial reach except for the well-off. Not any more. The new Luna 4 V is a smaller, more economical yet still very powerful video light from the Swiss manufacturer

Fourth Element Manta and Remora

New Equipment |  
The Manta f-LIGHT travel bag is designed with travel in mind. Weighing in at less than 1kg but with a generous 115 litres (4 cu ft) it is one of the lightest dive bags on the market.

Hollis Ride

New Equipment |  
Ride is a technical BC that has been made specifically with travel in mind weighing in at just 5lbs but packed with technical features.

Commando escape

New Equipment |  
The Commando Escape is a light-weight travel BCD that utilises bespoke new materials to deliver heavy-duty quality, comfort and performance—all under 3kg.

Porter Case PCi

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The new Porter Case PCi is a hard-sided carryon bag that transforms into a patented cart (trolley) capable of carrying an additional 150 lbs of baggage.

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive
New Equipment |  
Cameratown Reviews the New HyperDrive iPad Portable Hard Drive for Photographers and Videographers

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