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Sea Shepherd vessel rammed by Japanese whaler

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Sea Shepherd Australia has released footage of one of its vessels being rammed by a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd deemed 'pirates' by US Court

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A US court has declared the Sea Shepherd conservation group to be "pirates" and ordered it to cease aggressive actions against Japanese whalers.

Joaquin Phoenix ad creates a stir

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TV-station declined to accept ad showing the Best Actor nominee "drowning,"

World's largest shark sanctuary created

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Cook Islands declared a 1.9 million-sq-km sanctuary, contiguous with one established last week by neighbouring French Polynesia.

Stronger Shark Finning Ban Endorsed by European Parliament

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Conservation groups are celebrating today’s European Parliament vote to close loopholes in the European Union ban on shark finning (slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea), the culmination of six years of campaigning and debate.

Ocean In Focus 2012 photo contest launch

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SeaWeb's Marine Photobank and Lindblad Expeditions are teaming up once again to deliver a truly unique ocean photography contest highlighting photographers who dig deeper for the story behind the image.

Letter from Captain Watson’s lawyer in Germany

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"I got the instuctions from my client to inform you about several questions ..."

Most divers ‘very concerned’ about conservation

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The UK marine conservation charity Sea-Changers recently published the results of an online survey among scuba divers which shows that a vast majority is very concerned about marine conservation.

Oceana concludes second Baltic Sea Expedition

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After seven weeks at sea, Oceana’s second Baltic Sea Expedition to document ecologically important areas and analyse their threats, has come to a close.

Sea Sherherd use drones

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On Christmas day the crew on board the Steve Irwin found the Japanese whaling factory ship by using a military-style drone.
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