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Ecosystem changes

Penguins thriving due to climate change?

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Gentoo penguin numbers actually increasing

Ancient ocean currents may have altered intensity of ice ages

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Orbital changes alone not enough to explain sudden switch to longer ice age intervals.

Florida to recruit divers to combat lionfish

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Fishery managers will urge Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation voting board members to take more steps that allow divers to kill lionfish

Tuna hearts damaged by Deepwater Horizon oil spill

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Crude oil chemicals can disrupt heart function in the fish.

Sea urchins are secret weapon in fight against invasive seaweed

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Unlikely ally utilized in eradication program in Hawaii’s Kaneohe Bay

Half of The Great Barrier Reef corals lost

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The Great Barrier Reef has lost half its coral cover in the last 27 years. Mainly due to storm damage and crown of thorns starfish attacks, according to a new report.

Sponges threaten coral reefs

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Bioeroding sponges profit from ocean acidification, and are the winners of the global climate changes on the expense of coral reefs.

How much does the Ocean weigh?

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UK oceanographers have thought of a novel way to measure the global ocean – weigh it. Thus, solving the biggest problem in sea level science.

Marine research in the Brazilian rain forest

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A study reveals an unexpected aspect of deforestation in Brazil. Slash and burn has left huge amounts of charcoal in the soil, which is transported by rivers into the Atlantic Ocean. The effects of this on the oceans are still unknown.

Improving water quality saves reefs

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Research from the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton has found that an imbalance of nutrients in reef waters can increase the bleaching susceptibility of reef corals.
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