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New species

Sea Shepherd Partners with the Republic of Palau to Control Poaching

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After a successful victory driving the whalers out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has turned its sights from defending whales to protecting sharks.

First-ever music campaign to free resorts world Sentosa dolphins

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ACRES today launched the “Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins” campaign. Through a first-of-its kind “music campaign”, ACRES aims to secure the freedom of the remaining 25 wildcaught dolphins bought by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for their attraction in Singapore.

Dear Friend of Sea Shepherd, I need your help to free our flagship the Steve Irwin.

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Our vessel has been detained by the United Kingdom courts because of a civil lawsuit brought against Sea Shepherd by a Maltese company: Fish and Fish Limited (F & F).

New species of red coral discovered

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The recently discovered species, Psammogorgia hookeri, was discovered along rocky ledges by scuba divers at depths of 25 meters (82 feet) in Peru's Paracas National Reserve.

"Walking" shark found in Indonesia

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Conservation International's Mark Erdmann captures some amazing footage of a new species of shark, which seems to be walking on its fins.

425 million year old fossil reveals never before seen shrimp species

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New fossil named Pauline avibella

Deadly sea snake has doppelganger

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Identical sea snakes are 2 completely different species

Eyeless, scaleless cave fish discovered in Vietnam

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Freshwater species discovered on tiny island in Ha Long Bay

New shark species discovered

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Deep-sea dives around the Galapagos Islands have uncovered a new species of catshark

New shrimp species found in Cayman's deep sea vents

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An exploration of the hydrothermal vents in the sea floor of the Cayman Trough shows new species of shrimp swarming around the world's deepest 'black smoker' vents
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