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Squid and Octopus

Cuddly creatures with more than two arms

Harvest of Giant Pacific Octopus prohibited in Puget sound

Article with video |  
New rules prohibits the recreational harvest of giant Pacific octopuses at seven popular scuba diving sites in Puget Sound.

Bacteria control daily rhythms in squid

Article citing other sources |  
Glowing bacteria inside squids use light and chemical signals to control circadian-like rhythms in the animals

What do Vampire Squids eat (it's not what you think)

Article citing other sources |  
For years marine biologists have puzzled over what the mysterious vampire squid eats.

Scientists capture first images of giant squid off Japan

article |  
Silvery 3-metre cephalopod snapped in July 2012 near Ogasawara Islands.

Octopus casually steals food while wrestling shark

videoclips |  
An octopus simultaneously holds a shark at bay with one arm while simultaneously wrestling three zip ties of a baited canister.

Diving with the Humboldt squid

X-Ray Magazine article |  
The rather dark reputation of Humboldt squid has been readily reinforced by various wildlife television programs and other media which present these creatures as giant animals hungry for blood or ruthless monsters, uncompromisingly attacking their prey.

Diving into a Squid Orgy

X-Ray Magazine article |  
My first experience diving with mating squid was in September of 2000 during a rare late summer event off La Jolla Shores of San Diego in the U.S. state of California. To date, it still ranks as one of my all time favorite dives.
49 - July 2012 | Squid Orgy

Researchers trace octopuses’ family tree

article |  
Many of the world’s deep-sea octopuses evolved from species that lived in the Southern Ocean, according to new molecular evidence reported by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast.

Communing with the Cuttlefish

X-Ray Magazine article |  
One of Australia’s most unique underwater events is facing a new challenge. The Australian giant cuttlefish mating aggregation—the world’s only large-scale cuttlefish gathering—has seen the first major decline in numbers since the event was protected from commercial fishing nearly 14 years ago.

Cuttlefish have HD polarization vision

Article citing other sources |  
Polarization vision is used to break the countershading camouflage of light-reflecting silvery fish researchers suggest.
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