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Crabs, shellfish, clams,...

Yummy! The Scalloping Season is here!

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The Scallop Season is here! Make a day out of it and enjoy your catch while making the best dinner ever! It’s fun, It’s legal, it’s tasty. Did I mention fun? And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Sea hares squirt a sticky secretion to put off predators

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Sea hares uses a sticky secretion to fool hungry predators

Huge flame shell colony discovered off Scotland.

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Colony may world’s largest

Researchers discovers elusive coral predator in the wild

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It’s a ravenous predator, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. But unlike many ocean predators that struggle in an aquarium setting, this one has only been found in captivity until now.

Cone snails – marine pharmacies

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Scientists at Kiel University, Germany are following a new approach to treat diabetes by examining cone snail venom.

Bioluminescent snail glows green

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Research uncovers secrets of strange mollusk and its use of light as a possible defense mechanism

Cephalopods - Jet-powered Masters of Disguise

Cephalopods use color change to interact with their own species, with other spec
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Most cephalopods—the group in which scientists classify octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses—can change color faster than a chameleon. They can also change texture and body shape, and if those camouflage techniques don’t work, they can still “disappear” in a cloud of ink, which they use as a smoke-screen or decoy.

Seasearch divers discover giant rarity in the Orkney Isles

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Although best known for its giant shipwrecks, a huge find of a different kind has been discovered in one of Scotland’s most historic stretches of water.

Sea Fishes and Invertebrates of the North Sea

Books & Media |  Sea Fishes and Invertebrates of the North Sea reveals the profusion of marine life that exists in this diverse but little-documented region.

First oyster reef restoration effort launched

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They're often called the "coral reefs of the Northeast," nursing the next generation of oysters while offering a labyrinth of habitat where fish and other animals can grow, feed and hide.

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