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Red fish, blue light: How sea creatures change colour

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Fish fluoresce more in deep water, converting blue-green light into red.

Proposed bill to ban lionfish sales in Florida

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Purchase and raising of lionfish for aquariums would become level two felonies.

Five Reasons Why Slaves Still Catch Your Seafood

Article citing other sources |  
Seafaring slave ships didn’t vanish in the 19th century. They still persist.

Acidification leads to anxiety in fish

Article citing other sources |  
Increases of carbon dioxide uptake in the oceans leads to more anxious fish a new study shows.

Seahorses hunt by stealth

Article citing other sources |  
Seahorses may be slow swimmers yet capture evasive prey using a technique known as the ‘pivot’ feeding

18-foot sea creature found off California coast

Article citing other sources |  
More than 15 helpers were needed to drag the 18-foot-long carcass of a giant sea creature to shore off the Southern California coast.

New electric fish genus identified in South America

article |  
Eel-like Akawaio penak discovered in Guyana’s upper Mazaruni River

African killifish fastest-maturing vertebrate

article |  
Reproduction occurring a mere 17 days after hatching

Lionfish public safety announcement from DEMA and DAN

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PSA released in conjunction with Florida's waiving of the requirement for license to harvest lionfish

Scientist rediscovers long-lost Amazonian fish

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Existence of second Arapaima species established in rare monograph

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